Saturday, January 27, 2007

23rd Thing

#23 No particular favorite, some easier than others, some I just carn't get my head around it. Still an amzing experiance and I have found it to be a great learning experiance. My son is going to have ago at some of these wonderful sites and use mine as his practice piece. He hopes to do his own blog. I will be going back over what I have looked at and be a lot more creative. I may call out for help who knows. It is amazing what people can do these days. I know the more I use these areas the easier it will be. Thanks for the chance to have a look and it was something I did enjoy

Audio Books

#22 NetLibrary is amazing, got my son's ipod and down loading a few titles. Great way to pass the time when on the train.

iPOD and More

#21 Not just music and video clips, heaps of great game as well. These got me side tracked for quiet some time. Very relaxing when you make the time.

You Tube

#20 Enjoyed all the clips I played. Need more spare time to get through them all. Getting ideas is hard no to mention the brain drain

Pod Cast

#19 This is fantastic I'm glad I don't have to choose the winner. Every day more and more people join in and have a chance to be a winner

Sunday, November 26, 2006

You Tube

#18: Looked at a few videos, all looked great. No sound on some, posted comment waiting for a reply. Loved the 60s videos. That is what I call music


#17: Checked out Ecellent. Can see why he won 1st place. To get to that level is just amazing.


#16: Lots of great things to play around with. Will get better the more I play and try new things. Should be great


#15: Some great info on what people are getting into, me I love to read. Up for some reconmendation from people

A Wiki What?

#14: Would love to join up with a group, sounds fun. If you are looking for extras to join you let me know

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tempory or Not?

#13: This will be an ongoing source, the need to go forward is a small part. Technology will keep on passing us if wee don't go with it

Technical or Not?

#12: So many getting into this, it is really amazing


#11: Lots and lots to think about with this. What to DO?

Roll On

#10: This is just amazing, seems there is no limit to it

Catalog My Way

#9: Virtual shelf must have one of these at my place

Cool Generator

#8: How cool is this generator, beats the one we use when camping

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Feeds Feeds Feeds

No 7: Not sure on what to get info on have a few ideas. Need to look around the different web sites and get some ideas, would love some different ideas.


No 6. Things are getting more and more available for us to use, it's great finding out all this new tech. Getting your head around it can be a bit of a challange

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fun with photos

N0 5: This is just great, again it took about 20 attempts to get it. I think I am doing alot better??? At least I found a photo this time around, not stressing as much

Thanks Heaps

No 4: It took two attempts to get registered not bad I think. Have a helping hand from a certain staff member has made a huge differance


No 3: Now that I have found the screen I should be able to keep going and start to feel more confident

Time For Thinking

N0 2: Slowly working through my list of goals and tools, may need to add as I go and hopefully tick off a few along the way


No 1: Got hear at last, not sure what to think, in the too hard basket. Already took my bat and ball and went home on my first attempt.

No 1: Got hear at last, not sure what to think, in the too hard basket. Already took my bat and ball and went home on my first attempt.